My name is Celine Legey-Salisian. I was born in Bayonne, France and I spent most of my childhood in Europe and Africa, where my family used to live. I never spent more than a few years living in cities across France, the Ivory Coast, Gabon, and the United Arab Emirates. In 2004, on my first visit to California, I settled in Los Angeles after meeting my husband on a plane. I worked for several footwear industry brands that did large scale manufacturing of shoes in countries like Vietnam and China. Traveling to Asia to oversee manufacturing for a brand that earned more than $700 million in gross revenue was a thrill for the young person I was at the time. But it also awaken me to the limits of the fashion system and ultimately made me questioned about the meaning of it. I came to realize that what I liked the most about my job was the making process of the footwear. Until today, I truly enjoy the talks with the pattern makers,  the last makers, the team in the stitching atelier and the work involved to make a shoe ... fit right! So I decided to produce shoes in smaller volume and do so locally, using fine and long lasting materials and, most importantly, pay a price that is reflecting the work and dedication put into a quality and timeless product. I am not attached to being trendy. I am simply pleased to know that my clients will own a pair of shoes that will make a statement, that can live with them for years and can be re-sole when time is necessary, no matter their wardrobe! Thanks to a handful of LA artisans, production on a small scale basis became a reality. I have found the international diversity that energizes my life in Southern California, and is thus reflected in the footwear I create.